Asantee soap1500 each


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Asantee Papaya contains only the natural Papain enzyme which is naturally present in the fruit & seeds of the Papaya. This enzyme is highly effective at naturally loosening and helping to remove dead skin cell build up which often attracts excess melanin build up in the skin which often appear as darker areas. The papaya enzyme helps to remove and prevent this when used regularly.

Rice milk is a kind of grain milk processed from rice. The proteins and lipids in rice milk encourage moisture retention and cell renewal in skin, leading to a clearer and softer complexion. Collagen acts like a cushion for the skin, helping it look strong, healthy, and silky. It improves the skin’s elasticity, which provides finesse, beauty, and freshness.

Asantee carrot with honey Whitening Soap helps to naturally lighten skin pigmentation by clearing away dead cells using the natural papaya enzyme thus making your skin rejuvenate more efficiently. Coconut oil honey an Vit C & E are added to help protect your skin and leave it soft, subtle and conditioned. COQ10, AHA & BHA are added to help exfoliate the skin and also stop aging.

1. Deeply exfoliates
2. Removes dead skin cells
3. High in AHA & vitamin C
4. Rejuvenates skin
5. Anti Aging
6. Encourages collagen production


Carrot, Papaya, Rice Milk


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